Our Puppies and Our Commitment to Excellence, Honesty, & Integrity

On occassion, we at Julerr have puppies available to loving , companion homes or a potential show home. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to be considered for a Cesky from us. We do have a waiting list and love to get to know our extended Cesky Family before placing any of our puppies into their forever home. It is extremely important to us . You become one of our extended family members forever and we are always there for a lifetime of mentoring and support with you Cesky. As a new Cesky family member, you will be required to sign a puppy contract with specific stipulations regarding your Cesky. Puppies going to companion homes will be registered on a limited AKC Registration and any going to a prospective show home will be registered on a full registration. We take any of our dogs back at any time in their lives under any circumstances.

 Your puppy will be certified by a licensed veternarian to be healthy and of sound temperment before you may take the puppy home. Also, your puppy will be de-wormed, have its first set of vaccinations at least, possible two sets of vaccinations before delivery. Our puppies do not go to their forever homes until they are at least 10 weeks old or older. We also temperment test our babies before we decide which families they go to. It is important to us that you receive the perfect puppy.

All of our puppies come from health tested and OFA Certified parents. We want to make certain before they leave us that everything is in perfect condition. We are here forever for you and your Cesky. We do keep a waiting list and sometimes puppy families have waited 2 years for one of our babies. We always like to say shop for a breeder, not a puppy. The relationship you have with your breeder of choice is very important to both you and your new family member. If you have never seen a Cesky in person, we highly recommend attending a dog show and getting a chance to meet some of our ACTFA members and their dogs. 

We never ship our puppies, however we are very cooperative in transportation of your puppy and will certainly work with you to help you. We always encourage our puppy buyers to come for a visit to meet the parents of our puppies and also meet the rest of our extended family. It is important as a puppy buyer that you know exactly the environment, health status, and temperment of your puppy 's parents before deciding on a breeder. We encourage you to first get to know the breeder of your choice before committing to a puppy. It is a lifetime relationship between breeder and puppy buyer. Montana is a lovely place to visit some Ceskys and you are more than welcome to come to our home in the beautiful mountains of Paradise Valley.

  Always feel free to contact me for any help I might be able to give you in your search for a Cesky. We are always here for any interested Cesky Lover.


Julie Gritten


AKC Registered and Health Tested

All Puppies have been reserved.

Champion Bloodlines


The Cesky Terrier , by nature, is a reserved terrier and needs attention and socialization to the world for it to grow and strengthen in character.  We acclimate our babies from day one to touch, sound and sight using stimulating techniques to grow their confidence as they mature and accustom them to their environment. We believe strongly that a confident and secure Cesky begins from day one that promote security of character. We do not keep dogs or puppies in crates, but all of our dogs and puppies are crate trained for safety reasons, such as for traveling or when secluded medical care is warranted, for example.  

When are puppies are able to mingle with others, they are exposed to large dogs, horses, chickens, wild rabbits on our ranch and very loud farm equipment! We believe in trying our best to create strong and confident characters.  It is our belief that our dedication to creating a stimulating environment has assisted in making our puppies excel in performance activities such as agility, tracking, barn hunt,fast cat, but more importantly creates a super happy family member, who is content and confident in any environment. Our goal- happy, healthy, well adjusted puppies who are not fearful. 

We ask of our puppy families to continue with stimulating activities that help the puppy grow even more as it ages. Daily walks, trips in the car to any store that will accept dogs, puppy classes, outdoor dining, city sidewalk strolls and any other activity you are allowed to take a dog. To build strong mental health a puppy needs stimulation from birth onward. 

Home Raised

Our puppies are born and raised in our home and not in a kennel. In fact, we do not have a kennel. Puppies are brought up in a loving environment exposed to all of our animals, sights, and sounds of the living world around us. We begin socializing our puppies from day 1 with loving care and handling  in a peaceful and comforting home environment. Our puppies are raised with tons of daily kisses and comforting touch.

.What does CHIC Registered Mean & Why is it important?

The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, OFA, keeps an up to date database of animals, including all breeds of dogs, that have been health tested by a certified vet. Each AKC Parent Club for a breed requires that any breeding animal be CHIC registered with a specific number to verify the health of the animal before it is bred. This is highly important to a responsible breeder. Any person can check on the health testing that is done on the parents of a puppy they wish to purchase to help insure they are receiving a puppy from parents that have been tested prior to breeding for any genetic disease or deformity. It helps potential families of puppies understand the health of the puppy through parental health. 

The AKC Parent Club , the American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Association, Inc. requires three specific tests in order to be certified with the OFA and receive a CHIC number;

Patella Clearance

Teeth Assessment


Other breeds have other testing done according to the needs of health in their specific breeds. Many breeders, including us at Julerr, go above and beyond with testing and test for more than the three mentioned above. We use EMBARK Genetic Testing to discover over 160 potential problems in our breeding dogs so we can make safe and wise choices when breeding. We do not list within the OFA Website every genetic disease that is tested, but do list the ones other than the three that are required by the AKC Parent Club that we feel are important to our breeding program.  Although Cesky Terriers are relatively healthy, some health problems occassionaly crop up such as eye problems such as Glaucoma or Primary Lens Luxation, Missing Teeth, Misaligned jaws, Hip displasia, Heart Disease, Scottie Cramp( which at this time there is no test for). 

It is for the above reasons that responsible breeding programs and the AKC Parent Club, ancronym ACTFA, require that all Cesky Terrier breeders health test and receive a CHIC number. The CHIC number verifies that all required testing has been done for that Cesky Terrier and all results are publically posted so buyers and breeders can research the health of a specific dog in order to make a wise decision on breeding or purchasing a puppy.  In order to have a CHIC number in the OFA Open Database, all testing and their results must be public knowledge.

I have included the link to the OFA Website above as well as listing all our breeding Cesky Terriers with their individual CHIC numbers on our Homepage here on the website. 

Hope this helps in your understanding of what CHIC Registration is and the importance of it for both breeder and puppy buyer.

AKC Registered Cesky Terriers

Health & Character Tested

Parental DNA Profile

All parents are CHIC Registered and Health Tested

Our Nursery- A room with a view

Our Nursery- A room with a view