Litter Planned For the Fall of 2020

On occassion, we at Julerr have puppies available to loving , companion homes or a potential show home. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to be considered for a Cesky from us. We do have a waiting list and love to get to know our extended Cesky Family before placing any of our puppies into their forever home. It is extremely important to us . You become one of our extended family members forever and we are always there for a lifetime of mentoring and support with you Cesky. As a new Cesky family member, you will be required to sign a puppy contract with specific stipulations regarding your Cesky. Puppies going to companion homes will be registered on a limited AKC Registration and any going to a prospective show home will be registered on a full registration. We take any of our dogs back at any time in their lives under any circumstances.

 Your puppy will be certified by a licensed veternarian to be healthy and of sound temperment before you may take the puppy home. Also, your puppy will be de-wormed, have its first set of vaccinations at least, possible two sets of vaccinations before delivery. Our puppies do not go to their forever homes until they are at least 10 weeks old or older. We also temperment test our babies before we decide which families they go to. It is important to us that you receive the perfect puppy.

All of our puppies come from health tested and OFA Certified parents. We want to make certain before they leave us that everything is in perfect condition. We are here forever for you and your Cesky. We do keep a waiting list and sometimes puppy families have waited 2 years for one of our babies. We always like to say shop for a breeder, not a puppy. The relationship you have with your breeder of choice is very important to both you and your new family member. If you have never seen a Cesky in person, we highly recommend attending a dog show and getting a chance to meet some of our ACTFA members and their dogs. 

We never ship our puppies, however we are very cooperative in transportation of your puppy and will certainly work with you to help you. We always encourage our puppy buyers to come for a visit to meet the parents of our puppies and also meet the rest of our extended family. It is important as a puppy buyer that you know exactly the environment, health status, and temperment of your puppy 's parents before deciding on a breeder. We encourage you to first get to know the breeder of your choice before committing to a puppy. It is a lifetime relationship between breeder and puppy buyer. Montana is a lovely place to visit some Ceskys and you are more than welcome to come to our home in the beautiful mountains of Paradise Valley.


Following is a list of breeders across the globe that can also help you find your forever friend and loving companion. Always feel free to contact me for any help I might be able to give you in your search for a Cesky. We are always here for any interested Cesky Lover.


Julie Gritten

Our 2019 Summer litter puppies have all been placed in their forever homes. Watch for them in upcoming conformation shows and performance activities! Please contact us for information on our next litter  and to be placed on our waiting list for a future puppy. 


Livingston, Montana

Katherine Eckstrom         LINK:   Cesky Terrier USA       Minnesota

Sandra Bridge Chase     LINK:    Chaser's Cesky Terriers    Illinois

Julie Gritten                    Julerr Cesky Terriers     Email:    Montana

Metrin Ceskys                 LINK:   Metrin Ceskys Facebook     Finland

Anja v. Bakel                   LINK:   Doterra Cesky               Netherlands

Cesky Terrier Club UK    LINK:   Cesky Terrier UK           United Kingdom

Sheila Atter                     LINK:   Ridley Cesky Terriers    United Kingdom

Sylvia Schmieder            LINK:  Stardust Cesky Terrier    Germany

Gabi van Ruiten              LINK: Garex Cesky Terriers       Czech Republic

Cissi Holmgren               LINK: Kennel CC's Cesky Facebook   Sweden

Dana Juricova                LINK:  od Fontanky Cesky Terriers     Czech Republic

Martina Urbanova          Hamentashen Cesky Terriers   Email:   Czech Republic

Mariola Dziemidowicz    LINK: Day Break Cesky Terriers    Poland

Laura Loikkanen            LINK:  Galbraith Cesky Terriers     Finland